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Canal boat and narrowboat holidays

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Narrowboat Holidays

... so much to enjoy
Haven't you always dreamed of a genuine 'away from it all' family holiday? Well, canal cruising will make it a reality. Some of England's most beautiful countryside is simply waiting to greet you. Waterside pubs, country towns and a wealth of hidden heritage sites and historical treasurs are yours to appreciate. Each day you will discover more of England and Wales and more of your real self.

... so much more freedom
Narrowboat holidays put you in charge. It allows you to choose where and when to go, where to stop and what to do. Even the ordinary tasks of shopping and cooking take on a new delight in the calm and quiet of a canal backwater.

However, if you fancy a break and want to eat out, there are plenty of waterside pubs and restaurants just waiting to welcome you. What's more, there's no problem parking and most moorings are free!

... so much more comfortable
Your boat is very much a home from home. Constant hot water, shower, flush toilets, central and comfortable beds. You will be pleasantly surprised and delighted with the comfort levels and standards acheived in a one of our modern narrowboats. It's a travelling holiday but your home comforts travel with you.

... so much more to remember
Your family will never forget the fun of learning to handle a narrowboat. At a leisurely 4 MPH even youngsters (properly supervised) can manage the craft with ease. Working the locks is a lot easier than you might imagine and provides plenty of opportunity for all the family to share the experience. And hardly a moment passes when something new and interesting won't delight you.

Whitchurch Hire base on Llangollen canal Gailey Hire base in Staffordshire. Worcester Hire base Rugby Hire Base in Warwickshire Whitchurch Hire Base on the Llangollen canal. Worcester Hire Base Gailey Hire Base in Staffordshire. Rugby Hire Base in Warwickshire.


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canal boat and narrowboat holidays

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